Kolari Vision magnetic clip-in filters for Canon EOS R cameras

Neutral density filters on the inside? Magnetic clip-in filters from Kolari Vision

Clever filters that mount inside Canon EOS R camera bodies for optimum flexibility and lens compatibility.

Kolari Vision has released a collection of magnetized clip-in filters for Canon RF mount cameras (including, at the time of this review, the EOS R, RP, R5 and R6). These filters are CNC-machined, aluminum frames with high quality glass that sit inside the camera body in front of the digital sensor. Options include solid neutral density filters, diffusion mist filters, light pollution filters, infrared filters, and other speciality options.

On a positive note, these clip-in filters allow photographers and videographers to use any lens (even ultra wide angles) without worrying about circular step-up rings or re-mounting filters when swapping lenses. No additional vignette either, which is commonly a problem at wide angle focal lengths. Optically and mechanically, the filters are high quality and well made.

There is, however, a cosmetic issue I discovered when using the filters with the R5 and R6. The filters scratch the plastic frame around the sensor (most likely because Canon didn't add a scratch resistant finish there). It doesn't appear to harm or damage the camera, but it is something to know and be aware of.


Check out my full review of the Kolari Vision clip-in filters below.

Kolari Vision Magnetic Clip-In Filters for Canon EOS R cameras