Breathe new life into old videos, plus early Black Friday deals

Breathe new life into old videos, plus early Black Friday deals

Video AI ($299) is a new and improved version of Topaz Labs' Video Enhance AI from late 2021 that upscales low-res video to higher resolutions, generates slow-motion footage from any source, stabilizes subjects, and generally improves detail, sharpness and clarity with any video. Topaz claims this new version of Video AI has been redesigned and engineered from the ground up, with notable improvements to usability, speed and performance.

Has Video AI been improved? Or is it more of the same? Let's find out.

Early Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals

Seems like companies are starting their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals earlier and earlier each year, with many photo and video product companies launching their sales well before the Thanksgiving holiday. Nonetheless, Black Friday is typically the best time of year to be acquiring new photography hardware and software, with discounts being offered by nearly every company.

Unlike some Black Friday lists you may find that link to anything and everything on sale, my list is curated and only includes handpicked products I've reviewed and/or used. I wouldn't feel comfortable linking to things I don't know anything about or have any experience with, so while my list may be shorter, it only includes products that I believe are worth looking at.

Click the button below to check out great deals I've found from Peak Design, Topaz Labs, DxO, Moment, Canon, Rode, Manfrotto, and more.

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