Are your images over or under-developed?

Are your images over or under-developed?

As you can probably tell, I think a lot about photo processing. There’s something fascinating to me about the creative and technical process of taking a flat, gray, lump of data from a camera sensor and transforming it into a finished photograph.

I wish I could edit images perfectly each time, but I have a bad habit of under and over-developing. I either don’t spend enough time editing and quit too early, or I get overzealous and apply layers of edits that make an image worse.

Knowing when to stop is a hard skill to learn, but perhaps we can become better, more confident editors by evaluating the common signs of under and over-developed. To better understand what a “finished” image looks like.

Check out the video below for more.

What do you do when under or over-developing? Let me know by leaving a comment on YouTube or the accompanying article at my website. Would love to hear from you.

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How to quickly mount Canon RF end caps

Canon's "upgraded" RF end caps

Canon RF end caps are the worst. Seriously, I can't stand them. Far more cumbersome than EF caps. I'd love to see a third party manufacturer step in with a replacement (assuming that wouldn't violate one of Canon's patents — smh). I'd buy ten of them.

Anyway, there is a trick, and I bet some Canon users have never noticed it. Here's a quick short I posted to YouTube.

Favorite things this week

• Most interesting thing about Apple's new iPhone 14? Emergency text messaging over satellite when cellular and wifi aren't available. Though it will only be available in the US and Canada at launch, this is a fantastic (and potentially life saving) feature for campers, hikers, off-roaders, and nutty landscape photographers (like me). For global satellite communicating and emergencies, the Zoleo Communicator I reviewed last year does the job.

• Fujifilm has announced two new tilt shift lenses for their GFX medium format cameras. Hoping to see Canon release a similar RF model.

• Dehancer has upgraded their fantastic photography film emulation plugin to include a much-needed histogram. This was one of my complaints about the plugin, for it was impossible to see if blacks and whites were clipped. Check out Dehancer for yourself by downloading a free trial, and if you do end up purchasing a license, use promo code DOMINEY to get 10% off.

• Gorillaz and Tame Impala go together like peanut butter and jelly.

• A 50 year old recording of Credence Clearwater Revival performing in London has been released, including this uptempo, blistering version of Fortunate Son. Fogerty's guitar tone and vocal intensity are incredible, and aren't that far removed from the British punk rock wave that would hit a few years later.

• Speaking of rock music, was unexpectedly moved to tears watching Shane Hawkins crush his dad's drum kit. One commenter put it perfectly: "Played with the rage of a 16 year old who lost his father. Inspiring and heartbreaking."

• I've been watching waaaaay too many videos on Matt's Off-Road Recovery channel. I once got stuck in the sands of Utah (where Matt's channel is based) and have never forgotten the stress of that experience. Something oddly satisfying about watching him pull cars out of the desert and back to safety.

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