Got old, noisy, soft raw photos? Try PureRaw 3

Got old, noisy, soft raw photos? Try PureRaw 3

A couple of years ago I reviewed DxO PureRaw, a raw file pre-processing application designed to correct optical defects (vignette, chromatic aberration, distortion), remove noise, and enhance the appearance of detail and texture. Since then, DxO released v2 with support for Fuji X-Trans sensors, plus hundreds of additional optics modules for more camera bodies and lenses.

Today, DxO is introducing PureRaw 3. This version includes a new "DeepPRIME XD" denoising algorithm (with "XD" meaning "extra detail"), a new file queue interface, plus improved user control over optical corrections (including sharpening, which has always been a complaint of mine).

I've been testing a pre-release copy of PureRaw 3 for the past few weeks, and while I think PureRaw 3 is an improvement, and still does a fantastic job of removing noise and improving the perceived quality of older raw files, it may not be an essential upgrade for everyone.

Want to see what PureRaw 3 can do? Check out my review below.

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