One set of filters for photos AND videos? Freewell K2 review.

One set of filters for photos AND videos? Freewell K2 review.

Freewell has launched a crowd-funding campaign for K2, a new all-in-one filter system that includes magnetized variable NDs (that double as circular polarizers), solid NDs, graduated NDs, plus special effect filters like diffusion mist and "cinemorphic" light streaks. Think of K2 as a videography matte box or photography square filter holder with a circular, magnetized front for rapid filter swapping.

The biggest benefit of K2 is its modularity, for it allows users to mix and match all of the aforementioned filters. For example, a videographer can mount a magnetized variable ND to darken exposure and slow their camera's shutter speed, then add a diffusion mist filter to bloom highlights and soften contrast without swapping to a different variable ND. A photographer can mount a solid ND, then add a circular polarizer to remove harsh reflections, then add a graduated ND to balance exposure in bright areas.

In other words, K2 can be used for just about everything. A single filter system for both photography and videography, without packing multiple packs of filters and awkwardly threading and unthreading filters in the field.

K2 also saves money, for instead of purchasing multiple circular filters and cumbersome step-up rings, one set of filters may be used across multiple lenses using four adapter rings that come with the holder (67, 72, 77 and 82mm, with additional diameters available for purchase separately).

I've been using K2 for the past couple of months ahead of the crowdfunding campaign, and have found it to be a very convenient system, especially when juggling multiple lenses and switching between variable and solid NDs.

But like any product that tries to do it all, K2 has some limitations. Is it worth backing? Check out my full review.

You requested it! Shimoda Explore V2 35

Me with the Shimoda Explore V2 35

I've reviewed a few camera backpacks over the past few weeks, and each time someone has recommended Shimoda. So, I purchased a Shimoda Explore V2 35 (in black, of course) which is their 35 liter bag with a removable internal camera cube and adjustable shoulder harness to get a better, more comfortable fit. I've known about Shimoda bags for a while, but this will be my first experience wearing and using one. Will post a review as soon as I have time to use it on my next landscape photography trip.

If you have experience with the Explore V2 (or other Shimoda bags) and have comments / feedback about it, feel free to email me. Would love to hear about your experience!