Magical image enhancement using Topaz Photo AI

Magical image enhancement using Topaz Photo AI

Photo AI ($199) from Topaz Labs is a new photo enhancement application that bundles together functionality from three pre-existing Topaz desktop apps (Denoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI), plus a few new tricks and features, in a new standalone desktop app and plugin for macOS and Windows. Photo AI is powerful enough to be used by seasoned, tech-savvy photographers, yet simple for casual photographers who simply want to improve their images automatically with minimal effort.

Photo AI primarily does three things: denoise, sharpen, and upscale. Denoise helps remove unsightly sensor and luminosity noise without losing texture and detail. Sharpening intelligently fixes soft details and edges by rebuilding the underlying pixel data (instead of simply adding micro-contrast). Upscaling increases image resolution to generate new, larger images (for use as prints or other use cases) without losing detail, sharpness and clarity.

Before Photo AI, these tasks required three different apps. But now that they're together, photographers can apply one, two or all three adjustments at the same time.

Photo AI is powerful, but not perfect. Let's dive in.

Sneak preview: Topaz Video AI review

No, you're not seeing double. There's another "AI" product from Topaz Labs, but this one is made for enhancing video. Video AI ($299) does similar things to Photo AI — denoising, increasing clarity and sharpness, upscaling low res to high res, etc — but also creates slow motion video using any source. I fell in love with the first version a year ago, so I'm curious to see how the new version compares and whether it's still worth buying.

To give you a taste of what it can do, here's example slow motion footage generated from drone footage originally captured at 24 frames per second. Keep an eye out for the complete review coming soon.

To give Video AI a try with your own footage ahead of the review, click the button below to download a free trial for macOS and Windows.

Topaz Labs "Early Black Friday" Sale now live

As luck would have it, Topaz Labs just kicked off (today!) their annual Black Friday sale! This sale runs through Friday, December 2 and includes discounted prices for Photo Ai, Video AI, and all Topaz Labs apps.

  • Photo AI: $159 (normally $199)
  • Video AI: $159 (normally $299)
  • ...or EVERY APP for only $279

Already own Topaz software? You're not left out in the cold. Topaz is also offering discounted annual upgrade plans (eg, $79 instead of $99 for photo apps, $99 instead of $149 for Video AI).

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