Sneak peak of my next video, big Canon sale!

It's been a busy week, for I'm producing a number of reviews and tutorials before two upcoming trips — one with my family, the other in Utah for another round of landscape photography from one of the most beautiful states in the US. Where, of course, I'll be creating new videos and images.

In the meantime, my next video (hitting YouTube at 10am ET this Sunday, October 9th) will delve into the topic of motivated lighting, and how it can be used to improve natural light in still images when dodging and burning in Lightroom.

If you've never heard the term, motivated lighting is a technique from the world of film and cinematography where artificial lights are "motivated" by light that exists naturally in frame. They accentuate and enhance what's already there to produce environments that appear real and believable to the viewer. Some cinematographers (Roger Deakins comes to mind) are masters at this.

When you think about it, dodging and burning is a lot like adding and blocking light on a film set, but instead using photo editing software. I believe there are some definite things we can all learn from this technique, so I'll be breaking down two examples of motivated lighting from film, then demonstrating how to utilize its principles when editing a landscape image in Lightroom.

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Fantastic new magnetized filters from MAVEN

Earlier this week I reviewed a new collection of color-coded magnetic filters made by MAVEN. These filters are similar to magnetized filters made by other brands, but are color coded to make finding the filter you need faster and easier when shooting photos and videos.

Red 3-stop solid ND filter

They're also — for a limited time — a very good deal. Early bird backers of their Kickstarter campaign can get all five filters (3 solid NDs, 1 CPL, 1 splash guard) plus a magnetic adapter ring, lens cap and carrying case for $199. That's 60% off MSRP, and not that much more than a single comparable solid ND filter from elsewhere. The project appears to be selling quickly, so if interested click the button below to check them out on Kickstarter.

Click the banner below to check out my complete review of the MAVEN color coded magnetized filters:

MAVEN magnetic filters review: great colors, fantastic optics
Testing a new line of color coded, magnetized filters including three solid NDs, a CPL, splash guard, lens cap, adapters and case

Canon RF lens sale — up to $400 off

Canon 14-35mm f/4 L

Canon is currently offering instant rebates on a bunch of RF lenses, including three lenses I own and use all the time:

The first two are great landscape photography lenses, for both have maximum apertures of f/4, which makes them much cheaper than their f/2.8 siblings. I almost always use them on a tripod with an aperture of f/8 or f/11, so f/4 is perfectly fine for the type of photography I do.

The third lens (85mm) I only use for macro photos and videos for my website and YouTube videos (typically whenever I'm reviewing a product). It's not a great lens (autofocus is laughably slow at times), but the price is very nice, and the images and videos it produces are always very detailed and sharp.  

No idea how long this sale is going to last, but considering how pricey RF lenses have been, it's nice to see them on sale. Wish I could re-purchase the ones I have at these prices!

Here are the other RF lenses currently on sale:

Fall sale — 25% off Canon Log Exposure Correction LUTs

Speaking of sales, a little over a year ago I released a collection of custom Canon C-Log to Rec.709 LUTs. These weren't any ol' Log to Rec.709 LUTs, but LUTs that also adjust exposure. The LUTs have proven to be huge timesavers for me and those who've purchased them, so I'm celebrating by throwing a fall 25% off sale. This sale will only run for a limited time, so it's a great time to pick them up if you shoot video using a Canon EOS R mirrorless camera.

Here's the original blog post (and video) to learn more about these LUTs:

C-Log to Rec.709 Exposure Correction LUTs for EOS R, R3, R5 & R6 - Todd Dominey
Note: This post was updated on December 16, 2021 Every videographer and filmmaker strives for perfectly exposed footage in camera. In reality however, footage often turns out over or underexposed. This can be accidental or intentional, for many videographers slightly overexpose their C-Log footage t…

Favorite things this week

• Nice to see Khruangbin embracing their influences by collaborating with Vieux Farka Touré, the son of Ali Farka Touré, one of the giants of West African guitar. Their new album Ali has that unmistakable Khruangbin vibe, but richer, more textured, and less groove oriented. Heavy rotation on this one.

• New book of newly-discovered color photographs by Saul Leiter is coming out next week. Inside look at the book (dig the black pages). I've always been fascinated by his eye. Someday I hope to make a tribute video about him.

• Another new book I'm interested to get is Discipline is Destiny by Ryan Holiday, another in a series of books where he melds the principles of ancient stoicism with modern stories and insights.

• Loving the cinematography and color in the trailer for The Wonder, a new Netflix thriller starring Florence Pugh. Hope the actual film is just as good.

• Speaking of cinematography and Netflix, beautiful images in Human Playground (weird name, but anyway). It's a docuseries about the illogical games and competitions humans put themselves in.

• Canon is rumored to be releasing a new R100 mirrorless camera that will modeled after the form factor of older, EOS M cameras. I still get emails and messages from viewers asking about the M50 and whether the camera is still worth buying. Personally, I wouldn't buy a camera with a lens mount (EF-M) that is now pretty much dead, but used prices may be hard to resist. Anyway, I think the specs of the R100 sound quite promising. Could be a nice little video camera for webcams, social media, vlogging etc.

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